Lunar Time is an archive of stories compiled by Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill) and Lisa Roberts.


Sharing knowledge Scientist James O'Brien (left) with Lisa Roberts at the University of Technology Sydney, 2019.

How can people re-engage with nature?


Stories come from people who think in different ways about their relationship with nature.

Stories are arranged according to ways of knowing identified by Tyson Yunkaporta (2019) as minds that work together to give a holistic view: kinship-mind, story-mind, dreaming-mind, ancestor-mind and pattern-mind.

In order to inspire immediate and intimate relationships with lands and waterways that sustain us, and to respect the knowledge holders of diverse countries that comprise our world, library entries come with stories about when, where, and from whom the knowledge comes.

Animations are made that trace scientific data, and drawings and gestures people make as they tell their stories.

Creature avatars are being made for you to play with, and imagine yourself as part of the stories being told.