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Cat Kutay
Descended from seafarers of Celtic and Pacific origin, Cat is a Research Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering at Charles Darwin University and a member of the Top End Language Lab. She works with Aboriginal communities for online language learning and story sharing as a way for Aboriginal culture and knowledge to be integrated into Australian engineering approaches.
Claire Sives
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Science, University of New South Wales: "I am a science educator and communicator. I enjoy creating immersive events that use a range of stimuli to inspire and educate. I believe experiential, interactive learning is a powerful tool for growing, learning and finding personal truth in life. Your connection with your truth is indomitable."
Elisabeth Johnson
Sydney-based arts consultant, curator, educator and business manager, Elisabeth's lifetime commitment to engaging people with the natural world through the arts has won the respect of Indigenous Australian artists and the scientists who work with them. Current position is co-Director of the Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney.
Katherina Petrou
Senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Technology Sydney, exploring impacts of climate change on Antarctic marine phytoplankton and sea ice microalgae: "My involvement with this project is motivated by a desire to tell a story. A story that will inspire future generations to entangle their destinies with that of the planet. A story that unifies science, culture and art to enrich the link that exists between humans and Nature."
Lisa Roberts
Art-maker, animator and interactive author: "My heritage is Aboriginal Australian and European, and since working in Antarctica I recognise Antarctic krill as my totem, and my purpose to engage people in the similar and different ways we respond as artists and as scientists, to disruptions in natural cycles of climate change. I am Artist in Residence in the Faculty of Science at the University of Technology Sydney and Visiting Scientist (a.k.a. Artist) at the Australian Antarctic Division."
Lynden Nicholls
Artist and educator in a zoo and on trapezes: "I have always been engaged by the natural world. In dance this led me to the development of Animotions, my animal based movement style and technique. In my photography a love of nature reveals itself in images of shapes, textures and forms along rivers and waterways."
Maddison Gibbs
Bachelor of Animation Candidate at the University of Technology Sydney, ongoing scholar of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts at Eora College: "I am a proud Barkindji woman and grew up in Dubbo, NSW. My artworks are based on my culture, people and surroundings, they tell stories of past and present by using contemporary methods and ideologies. My works include political statements and educational information regarding Aboriginal issues, a subject which I am extremely passionate about."
Paul Fletcher
Animator, installation artist and teacher, Paul contributes animations to this virtual space, and, in conversation with Tiriki Onus and Lisa Roberts, is preparing an installation for the Octagon space at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), with animations and other artworks made with students at the VCA.
Tiriki Onus
Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Wurrung artist and educator: "I will be contributing art and ideas... through conversations with Lisa Roberts, Paul Fletcher and, through them, with other co-creators of this kaleidoscope of knowledge flows through space and time. I love that this project travels, physically and virtually, and the whole metaphor of travel as migratory patterns that are kind of linear but not, as well. To my mind it's like a wonderful Ven diagram where everything overlaps and stories change."

Who creates the Lunar Time Living Data Library?

Lisa Roberts coordinates the collection, presentation and documentation of stories in this space, and welcomes your guidance in rectifying any errors or omissions you may find here. Contact Lisa via lisa(at)

Stories are generated and collected through the Living Data project Seeding Treaties: Voices from the southern Ocean (2020-2022). Seeding Treaties project co-creators are Cat Kutay, Claire Sives, Elisabeth Johnson, Katherina Petrou, Lisa Roberts, Lynden Nicholls, Maddison Gibbs, Paul Fletecher, Tiriki Onus. Stories also come from the archives of the Living Data program. Further creative, technical and production contributions come from Jason Benedek, Ken Wilson, Michael Lynch, Simon Harris, Sue Fenech, William Gladstone, and other people who work independently or are affiliated with the Australian Antarctic Division, University of Technology Sydney, Eora College, and the Victorian College of the Arts..

L-R: Lisa Roberts, Cat Kutay, Michael Lynch, Simon Harris and Jason Benedek in the University of Technology Sydney Data Arena. Photo: Sebastian Reategui, 2017