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Dreaming-mind is all about connecting abstract and tangible knowledge using metaphors in "...images, dance, song, language, culture, objects, ritual, gestures and more. Feedback loops between the worlds must be completed with practical actions". (Yunkaporta, 2019, p.171)


Spirits make noise 2019
Whale song, Barkindji spirit

Antarctic flows 2019
Glacial flows

Creativity 2016
A conversation

Oceanic Sydney
Terrestrial and marine life forms connect.

Spirits make noise 2019. Art: Maddison Gibbs. Whale sonograph: Brian Miller (Australian Antarctic Division). Animation: Lisa Roberts


Lisa Roberts: "...'Spirits make noise' is part of the 2020 Seeding Treaties installation of animations I compiled for Mawson station, Antarctica, for people on the ice to play to welcome the whales in summer and to celebrate winter solstice. Animations were made with scientists and other artists. The installation design is inspired by drawings of a sea urchin made by Paul Fletcher, and by descriptions by Bruce Pascoe, of traditional Aboriginal meeting houses. Both forms make me think of the belly of a whale. Before sending the installation to Antarctica I made this video if it in action, and timed it to music by Jason Benedek:"

Art, Maddison Gibbs.