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"Pattern-mind is about seeing entire systems and the trends and patterns in them, using these to make accurate predictions and find solutions to complex problems." (Yunkaporta, 2019, p.171)

ASL Icebreaker
Science underpins Indigenous cultural values

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Antarctic krill, whales and phytoplankton

Australian Desert Plant Ecophysiology
Scientific lecture

ASL icebreaker Phil Duncan 2017. Video: Lisa Roberts


Phil Duncan: "...Opportunity and knowledge create relationships, long lasting relationships...and I think we should never undervalue when science and art come together... the importance of knowledge, the importance of spiritual connection that science underpins. And I don't say that lightly. Science does underpin our cultural values and our cultural connection, and it should be applauded, it should be celebrated because it is the future."

Phil Duncan is a Gomeroi man whose traditional lands are Moree and Terry Hie Hie in New South Wales. He is the Chair of the [Murray Darling] Basin Community Committee and Aboriginal executive on the Australian Freshwater Sciences Society (AFSS) executive committee.

This recording was made during the Icebreaker event to launch New Science For a Changing World, the Australian Society of Limnology (now AFSS) conference hosted by the University of Technology Sydney, 24 - 29 September 2017.