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Living Data Library


Ancestor-mind is "all about deep engagement, connecting with a timeless state of mind or 'alpha wave state', an optimal neural state for learning." (Yunkaporta, 2019, p.171)


January 2020
Messages from trees
A mobile made from trees relies naturally on balance, as we do

Same entity, different realms

January 2020
Ephemereal pedestrian
Celestial, oceanic, microscopic relations

Nature's brain
Interconnections within and between all present and past living things

Mobile Dimensions: tiny animations from plants (teaser). Sound/animation: Paul Fletcher


Paul Fletcher "...I see the motion of the mobile amulets, bouncing and floating in currents of air, ocean and time. They are directly reflective of strong connection to the natural world we are part of in their origin of seeds, water, sunlight and growth of timber. The markings on the wood are my own intuitive/ancestor mind responses to the patterns found in the slices of tree wood; the 'messages from trees'.

I planted these trees in Djadja Wurrung / central Victoria lands as small seedlings approximately ten years ago. This project brings together my interests, training and experiences in horticulture, organic gardening, permaculture and the audio visual kinetic and musical artform of animation. Finally the mobiles naturally rely on balance as we all do!"