Nature's brain 2020. Art and story: Paul Fletcher

"...I'm happy and feel right at home in my understandings of both pattern and ancestor minds and try to live up to the aspiration and responsibility of remembering to aim to grow into the sort of ancestor I’d like to be." Paul Fletcher, Email to Living Data, 2022-03-26


Ocean Dance
Polar connections
Ocean Ancestors
Antarctic krill
Black man White man
Nature's brain
Art as another way of knowing
Patterns we make
East coast Tasmania and Bruny Island
Messages from Trees
Past and present life and death
Ancestral spirits
The ancestors did not disappear
Ephemeral Pedestrian
Our interrelational living system
Nature in the dark


Mind Map


Paul Fletcher: "...I am pursuing art as another way of knowing and perhaps even as a reminder of that which cannot or may not ever be fully known; for instance the 'voices' of other living things as communications and perspectives that are very different to our own but yet intimately connected (Intersubjectivity, quantum entanglements, kinship mind, whatever name or explanation your belief system comes up with). In “Natures brain” I explore the interconnections inside and outside, within and between all present or past living things.

I have never been to Antarctica and for whatever reason, even the oceans are less familiar or comfortable to me than forests and their plants and animals. I am however extremely curious and fascinated about the Antarctic plants and animals and value the scientific research into their diverse and plentiful species, lichens and mosses for instance. Especially pressing is revealing the connections and parallels and influences between our life on land so far away in Australia (and the rest of the world) and the frontier/frontline of the Antarctic (climate change, pollution, resource and biodiversity depletion etc)."