Patterns we make 2020. Video: Paul Fletcher

Patterns we make

"An audiovisual response to Bruny Island looking back to the mainland of Tasmania. Field recording video and music captured in Winter 2019. Field recordings, photos,video and other impressions of Bruny Island, the sombre mood of the soundtrack and video observation of such natural beauty was influenced by my readings of this microcosm of Australia's horrible history of colonisation. The premise of this work is that you have to be somewhere and take a great deal of time and quiet observation to actually know anything of the complete picture of a place and its past present and future. Communication in any form, from spoken word to film, music and visual art, can only impart certain elements or impressions of a place. The basic elements of air, water, sun that power and sustain us all including flora, fauna and human inhabitants, are also a form of communication that needs listening to with full attention and respect.."

Paul Fletcher Bruny Island, Tasmania 2020


Ocean Dance
Polar connections
Ocean Ancestors
Antarctic krill
Black man White man
Nature's brain
Art as another way of knowing
Patterns we make
East coast Tasmania and Bruny Island
Messages from Trees
Past and present life and death
Ancestral spirits
The ancestors did not disappear
Ephemeral Pedestrian
Our interrelational living system
Nature in the dark


Mind Map