Ocean Dance v3 2020 Music: Stephen Taberner. Dance and motion capture: Lisa Roberts. Animation: Paul Fletcher Ocean Dance v3 2021. Video: Paul Fletcher
Ocean Dance v3 2021. Video: Animation:Paul Fletcher, Sound: Stephen Taberner, Dance and motion capture: Lisa Roberts

Ocean Dance v3

"...I attach bands of white paper paper to my head, wrists and ankles. I dance in ultraviolet light to capture the complex journey I imagine, of the Southern Ocean currents spiralling clockwise by complex forces to become the anticlockwise currents in the Arctic regions. I send the recording of my dance to Paul Fletcher. Paul multiplies, layers, colours, varies and syncopates the tempo of my dance to create complex visual harmonies. I send the visual material I made with Paul to Stephen Taberner. From his home in the Blue Mountains, Stephen creates a deeply moving sound response. I feel in this work our combined awe as we listen to scientists explain the complex depth and power of the Southern Ocean as it drives global ocean currents that in turn create the atmosphere we breathe, and the plants and animals that sustain us."

Lisa Roberts 2020

"...when we wander... this music came about very directly... I looked at the images and played what I saw. quite soon there was a sense that was both nomadic and aquatic. so....I filled the sink with water and got to work with some saucepan lids and wine glasses..."

Stephen Taberner 2020

"...We must travel and think in free-ranging patterns... meaning being made in the meandering paths between the words, not the isolated words themselves."

Yunkaporta, Sandtalk 2019, p.21


A creation story
Ocean Dance
Polar connections
Black man White man
Nature's brain
Art as another way of knowing
Patterns we make
East coast Tasmania and Bruny Island
Messages from Trees
Past and present life and death
Ancestral spirits
The ancestors did not disappear
Ephemeral Pedestrian
Our interrelational living system
Nature in the dark


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