Creativity 2016. Speaker: Shona Wilson. Interviewer / video recorder: Lisa Roberts


Lisa Roberts: "... My teacher Lenton Parr: used to say that making art and doing science are conversations that you have with the world, with yourself, and with the materials at hand, and that you know when you're 'finished' (when it no longer needs your input) when it has a life of its own."

Shona Wilson: "Yes... and it needs to be shared. It doesn't seem enough for me just to have that experience for myself. .. art was part of gift-giving all through our culture until the last century where it's been commodified and commercialised and how that has changed the whole dynamic around the purpose and the meaning of art in our lives."

Professor Anthony Larkum: "... Sometimes, without any effort, you come up with a hypothesis that you can then take around and run with, but they're all activities which require you to be doing something. They do have to expend a certain amount of energy - mental energy - before you get something back. It's almost an inspirational process where it comes out of left field. It's not a logical process at all."


River story
Feedback loops
Spirits make noise
Whale song science
Antarctic flows
Rivers of ice
Relationships with things we eat
Antarctica is melting
Conversations with nature
Oceanic Living Data
Terrestrial and marine dance


Mind Map